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Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA), Centre National de Génotypage

PI: Ivo Gut (PhD)

Jörg Tost
Jörg Tost

Jörg Tost received his PhD in genetics from the University of Saarbrücken (Germany) in 2004 devising novel methods for the analysis of haplotypes and DNA methylation patterns.
After a postdoctoral stay in the technology development department of the Centre National de Génotypage (CNG, Evry, France) with Ivo Gut, he heads since 2006 the Epigenetics Laboratory at the Centre National de Génotypage (now part of the CEA-Institut de Génomique).
The team is involved in the development and application of technologies to analyse DNA methylation at high resolution both of target loci and genome wide. The main focus of the Epigenetics platform has been the analysis of DNA methylation patterns implicated in tumourigenesis (breast, liver and renal cancer, glioblastomas and endocrine tumours of the pancreas) and other complex diseases (male infertility, pre-eclampsia, metabolic syndrome and asthma).

Jörg Tost is author or co-author of 31 publications of which 27 have appeared in Medline-listed journals, and is the editor of a book entitled “Epigenetics” (Horizon Scientific Press, 2008) and the 2nd Edition of « DNA methylation protocols » in the Methods of Molecular Biology series (2009).