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University of Franche-Comte, University Hospital, Departments of Chest Diseases and of Occupational Medicine, Besançon, France

Prof. Jean-Charles Dalphin (MD, PhD)
Prof. Jean-Charles Dalphin
Professor Jean-Charles Dalphin (MD, PhD) was born in Besançon, France, in 1956. He is pulmonologist, allergologist and has a degree in epidemiology. He is currently the head of the departments of Chest’s Diseases and of Occupational Medicine in the University Hospital in Besançon, University of Franche-Comté (UFC).

He received the MD degree (1985), the PhD degree (1991) from the same university (UFC). Professor Dalphin is member of the board of the French-speaking Society of Pulmonology. He is also a member of several professional societies, including the European Respiratory Society, and the American Thoracic Society whose he is currently serving on the program committee.

His main clinical areas of interest are occupational respiratory diseases and interstitial lung diseases, especially hypersensivity pneumonitis.

In the “Chrono-Environment” research team of the UFC, he works on epidemiology, diagnosis and prevention of respiratory diseases in farmers. As principal investigator, he has an experience in large multidisciplinary clinical and epidemiological research projects.

Dominique Angèle Vuitton
Birth date: December 16, 1946. Birthplace: Besançon, France Married, 3 children 1971, 1973, 1981; French nationality; Gender: F address: 5 rue de Gravelle, F - 25660 MORRE France; tel/fax : 33 3 81 81 06 53

· PhD: Immunology; MSc in Human Biology: Cell and Molec Pharmacol; Physiology
· MD; Medical Specialties: Internal Medicine; Digestive Diseases; General Surgery
· Professor of Clinical Immunology, University of Franche-Comté, as from 1986
· Vice-President, in charge of research, of the University of Franche-Comté (UFC), 2000-2002; Head of the Research Unit « Health and Rural Environment-UFC», 1996-2000; Coordinator of the Center for Clinical and Biological Research, University Hospital, Besançon, France, 2002-2003
· Professor Emeritus in Clinical Immunology, as from 2004
· Visiting Professor; Dept of Infectious diseases and Geographic Medicine; Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USA, 1998
· Expert for the Framework program V, VI and VII (topics on Health and Environment) ; European Commission -Directorate XII/RESEARCH, 1999-2009
· Vice-chairperson of the Expert Committee « Veterinary measures relating to Public Health »; European Commission -Directorate XXIV/SANCO , 1997-2003
· Head of the WHO Collaborating Center on Prevention and Treatment of Human Echinococcosis, 1995-2004
· President of the Scientific Commission "Medical and Biological Sciences" of the French National Research Institute for Development, 2003-2007
· Experience in allergy and clinical immunology; communicable diseases and AIDS; international cooperation; work in developing countries; management of multidisciplinary teams and networks; institutional/political negotiation; multi-media communication; health education; medical and scientific edition SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: over 260 publications in peer-reviewed journals (217 cited in Medline-PubMed), in clinical immunology, allergy, hepatology, clinical pharmacology, AIDS and other communicable diseases, zoonoses, and environmental health